A few cool events coming up in Pittsburgh’s North Side

The North Side Leadership Conference was kind enough to send me some information about some really cool things coming up in the neighborhood. Jess and I try to spend as much time as we can there since it is a short walk away:

First, Ted X Pittsburgh is April 26th at the Hazlett Theater! Are you going?

Here is the event’s website. As I write this…it is SOLD OUT! The theater where the event will be held is coolness in itself:

Hazlett Theater Pittsburgh

The Hazlett Theater for the Performing Arts

The Deutschtown Music Festival will be held this year on July 12. Check out their site here. According to the site, they are having a fundraising party at Bill Chisnell Productions (111 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh) on May 18th. I was out of town for last year’s event that showcased 60 local bands, but plan on attending this year!

The Observatory Hill House Tour will be on June 1st from 1-5 PM. Participants will meet at the Riverview United Presbyterian Church at 3505 Perryvsille Avenue.

The Brighton Heights Citizen’s Federation House Tour will be on June 8th this year from 1-5 pm. Participants will meet at Legion Park.

The Mexican War Streets Architecture Walking Tour will be Sunday May 18th from 2-4 PM. Participants will meet at the Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church.

Allegheny City Society’s 150th anniversary¬† of the Sanitary Fair – a civil war remembrance – will be held on¬† June 14th in Buhl Park in the North Side.

Hope this helps if you are looking for something cool to do in Pittsburgh over the next few months!





Weekly Photo Challenge from #Pittsburgh: Monument

pittsburgh tallest skyskraper

The US Steel Tower in Pittsburgh.

This is the tallest building in downtown Pittsburgh and one of the 50 tallest in the world at 64 stories. It is a monument to Pittsburgh’s history as it used to be the headquarters of USX Steel, which was the conglomerate that was created when JP Morgan bought Carnegie Steel.

What people don’t know is the building has the largest flat surface of any major skyscraper in the world at about an acre. There have been some movements to turn it into a park but the owners of the building – according to wikipedia – have never replied to requests by local organizations. I used to work in a long closed restaurant that was at the top of the building and it’s possible to see clouds roll by your window.

Some recent city of Pittsburgh legislation could change the city for the next 100 years…and it’s a good thing.

Some recent city of Pittsburgh legislation could change the city for the next 100 years…and it’s a good thing.

Every once in a while, I’ll post about local government and other things that make it better to live a carless life in downtown Pittsburgh. This link is to a guest blog post on the open data movement that is pulling the city into the 21st century. Please click the link and support the site. It’s pretty cool and is dedicated to modern urbanism around the globe.