Sports Illustrated recently made my point for me

Tom Verducci wrote an article on the season the Orioles’ Chris Davis is having and made a point for me. The baseball swing is one of the most misunderstood details in professional sports. It’s importance may also be understated by a lot of media professionals.

Ever since the steroid scandals have started hitting baseball, I’ve never understood the reaction.

Baseball is a game of mechanics first and strength second. You could be the strongest man in the world, but if you don’t have the flexibility to twist during a swing, you’ll never hit a decent fastball. None of the major players that have been tied to steroids got to the level they did on strength alone. The article Mr. Verducci wrote discussed Babe Ruth and what his mechanics were that produced the legendary power.

My point is steroids in the game make it easier to maintain your God given talent more over the longest season in professional sports. That’s it. It gives athletes a quicker recovery time. The general public apparently doesn’t believe they are used in any other sport.


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