finding the perfect content balance

I’ve started this blog along with my Twitter, LinkedIn and Soundcloud to try and find an eclectic but effective mix of content. My interests range from posting pictures of my fiance to ghost hunting. I’ll be trying some unique things along the way like…

Some recently captured sound loops from downtown Pittsburgh. I’ve been experimenting with different audio tracks that can be used to help with concentration while working at your computer. I know I need it to help become a better writer. Will it help to  drive content over time? We will see. I need to find the best mix of online marketing tactics to help. Twitter has been the best at documenting what has worked for other people so far. From time to time, I post lists of marketers that I follow.

My Soundcloud also will be the home to my electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) or recorded voices that cannot be explained. I would love some thoughts on the files. I will constantly be changing and modifying the list.

Also…please view my LinkedIn profile. I am always looking to connect and expand my professional network. I recently completed my MBA and am looking to close the current loop of self improvement by getting the long-fought-for promotion.

How will this all come together?


Capturing what works and using it again

Keeping the content fresh, unique and worthwhile. Learning what this is will take time as well. I’d like to show improvement in my writing and feedback every month. Can this eventually be monetized?


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