Get to know the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

The Pittsburgh 411


In 1994, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, also known as PDP, was founded by businesses, foundations, organizations, professionals and residents within the Downtown area. The PDP is a non-profit organization located within downtown Pittsburgh that works to better the community through programs and initiatives. According to it’s website, the PDP’s mission is to “advance initiatives that foster economic vitality and improve Downtown life – for a moment or for a lifetime.” It has managed to have a major impact Downtown through a Clean & Safe program, Economic Development, Special Events, Transportation and other programming.

The PDP also hosts programs, such as Project Pop-Up, the weekly Market Squarre Farmer’s Market, and the Public Art program throughout Downtown. It gives visitors and residents who are looking for entertainment activities to do through dining, shopping, arts and culture, nightlife fun and sports and recreation.

As of May 2011, Jeremy Waldrup became the President and CEO of…

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