11 more examples of #Pittsburgh awesome

Happy New Year’s Day, everyone!

The North Side of Pittsburgh is a 10 minutes walk from where Jess and I live in downtown Pittsburgh. Between the classic architecture in downtown and the history of the North Side – especially that connected to when it was known as Allegheny City – there is a lot to document.

  • Andrew Carnegie and George Washington Gale Ferris – the inventor of the Ferris wheel – started their careers there.
  • Stephen Collins Foster, author of the classic American Song “Oh, Suzannah!” also has roots in what is now Pittsburgh’s North Side.

You can read more about the history of the area at this site.

I continue to get great photography ideas from the “Art in Public Places” book that was published by the city. These are some shots I took during¬† recent walk:

lion pittsburgh courthouse

There are a few lion sculptures like this outside the Pittsburgh courthouse on Grant Street. They were completed in 1888 and give the courthouse an ominous feeling at its entrance. Here is a picture of part of the courthouse and construction from 1912:

Courthouse area construction 1912

This photo was courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh archive.

Here is a different angle of some of the same buildings.

old prison in pittsburgh

The grandeur of some of the buildings in downtown is evident from only their entryways. Check out the work done on the arch over this doorway:

Union Trust doorway Pittsburgh

I don’t think I’ve documented this mural yet. It’s above Pittsburgh tradition Weiner World in downtown off Strawberry Way. It features Andy Warhol and Andrew Carnegie getting a makeover.

Weiner World Mural

There are many older, smaller building in the North Side of Pittsburgh that fascinate me. The neighborhood is slowly coming back to life – especially around the Mexican War Streets. I highly recommend the Monterey Pub for drinks and food. I found these buildings near the Penn Brewery. Sometimes old, abandoned buildings have a ton of character:

north side of pittsburgh 2 North Side of Pittsburgh

Lastly, the First Night Pittsburgh celebration was a blast! Here is my video of the part of the Fed Ex Ground Parade:


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