Newly exposed architecture and ghost sign in downtown #Pittsburgh

I noticed this during the walk back from my dentist appointment this morning. I’ve never seen it before and can only assume it was exposed by some of the new construction:


This was taken from ground level using my Samsung Note 3 cell phone. It’s about a block away from Point Park University. What caught my eye is the cap on the top of the tower and how unique it is in the Golden Triangle. I’d love to see the view from one of the top windows.

Looking further around the changing cityscape a took these shots:

cool view of oxford center pittsburgh

This is an example of one thing older cities are struggling with in today’s economy: how do you mix the old and the new? My city is entering into a new era that could make a national leader in revitalization and preservation. A new mayor – Mr. Bill Peduto – is being sworn in on Monday. He will be one of the most progressive and well studied executives in the country.

Bringing an urban center back to life and connecting it with close neighborhoods that are thriving will take a very specific approach. For Pittsburgh, the trick will be to integrate downtown, uptown, the hill district, the North Side, the Strip District and Lawrenceville. Residents have started moving BACK to Pittsburgh and need to know the infrastructure and government is there. I think the message has been received as Mr. Peduto and his predecessor have been promoting living downtown.

More photography of my walk through the Fourth Avenue historic district in downtown today:

commonwealth building downtown

The photo above is of the 21 story Commonwealth Building. According to Wikipedia, it played host to the first United Steel Workers Labor Union convention in 1936.

quick photo near market square

The above building is next to the five star Fairmont Hotel in downtown. The engraving on the structure always catches my eye. Here is another photo:

fairmont from market square

I still have many more examples of hidden Pittsburgh architectural and artistic treasures to document before I move on to my other content ideas.


3 thoughts on “Newly exposed architecture and ghost sign in downtown #Pittsburgh

  1. It is amazing what is uncovered/discovered when a building is torn down or we happen to look up. Thanks for the visit and the like of my post “Ice Crystal Artistry”.

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