Weekly #WordPress Photo Challenge from #Pittsburgh: object

This is one of my favorite objects in Pittsburgh. Does a professional sports stadium count for this week’s challenge?

panorama PNC Park pittsburgh

On a more small scale, here is our cat Parker and his favorite object:

Parker and his snoopy toy

This lock is a sample of something pretty cool that is happening on Pittsburgh’s bridges. This article talks about an international movement called love locks. Couples buy locks, fasten them to bridges and throw the key in the river. Love the idea!  Here is an example:

roberto clemente bridge 2

roberto clemente bridge

Pittsburgh has always had a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. Stickers for old stores or bands are all over town.

sticker on roberto clemente bridge

And a final submission for the “object” photo challenge. I imagine a small child leaving this on the bridge after having a great time at a Pirates game.

clover sticker

On a side note, I have been slowly learning to code via Python thanks to a free class on Udemy. I have some pretty specific ideas on connecting that with API data mining from a consumer and civic data perspective. Wish me luck!

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