Weekly WordPress #photography challenge from #Pittsburgh: abandoned

One of the most unique things about Pittsburgh are, of course, the rivers. We love exploring them both from the shore and from a kayak. Venture Outdoors’ Kayak Pittsburgh schedules group kayaking excursions along the rivers throughout the warmer months of the year – which are fast approaching. Jess and I have viewed one of the Pirates’ Skyblast fireworks shows from a kayak and it was AMAZING. In our opinion, it’s one of the most Pittsburgh things you can do!

If you attend of the group trips, you will also get a lot of local history including the origin of an abandoned boat that rests on the North Shore of the Allegheny across from the Cork Factory. For this challenge, I tried to get as close to it as I could:

aband boat pittsburgh

aband boat pittsburgh_2

I know you can’t tell that it’s a boat. The way it capsized, the best detailed pictures are from across the river on the other shore.

Living in downtown, there are many abandoned buildings just like there are in any city. Here are a few recent pictures:

unknown building pittsburgh

Does anyone know what the above building was for?

building in pittsburgh strip district

Below is an abandoned movie theater in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood:

old movie theater east liberty pittsburgh

For this part of this post, I would like to link to a number of local blogs that are Pittsburgh awesome. Please pay them a visit and show some love!







And here is a list of bloggers that I curate on my Twitter feed:































2 thoughts on “Weekly WordPress #photography challenge from #Pittsburgh: abandoned

    • haha! Jess and I rented a two seated Kayak and our arms were sore the day after too. She actually got attacked by a goose that landed near us and almost got us dumped in the river! lol

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