a…metric ton of sausage?

While walking through Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood with a good friend of mine, we happened to come across a small business called Butcher on Butler.

Located at 5145 Butler Street across from the Slaughterhouse Studios, the business is less than a year old and is run by Mike Rado, Rob Voigt, and Katie Rado.

When my buddy Tony (from VisionInc studios) and I walked in and introduced ourselves we quickly struck up a conversation with Mike. He told us some of the history of the shop – it was in the Foster family for about 30 years – and showed us some of the antiques they found in it all while glowing about Pittsburgh and the reception they’ve received.

butcher on butler Pittsburgh

This is Mike showing off the walk -in antique ice box that was only recently upgraded to remove the ice compartment. Back when ice was stored at the current Heinz History Center building, they might have delivered some for the original owners of the shop.

butcher on butler sausage press pittsburgh

This is a one of a very few of it’s kind sausage presses. The manufacturer is long out of business and only one man in the country is able to supply parts. The crew at Butcher on Butler is actually planning a party later this year with this thing at it’s center. Around Thanksgiving, they will be producing and selling a metric ton of sausage. Yes- a metric ton of sausage. Isn’t that a Pittsburgh record or something? It should be.

butcher on butler pittsburgh smokehouse

This is Mike standing in front of the smokehouse in the back of the shop. We got to step inside and it just smells…amazing!

All in all, Butcher on Butler is a cool local shop within a short bike ride – or Lyft/Uber ride – from downtown. Their selection is amazing – they have sriracha bacon! – their prices are cheap and they’re just cool people. I ended up buying some bacon, jerky, turkey and corned beef for just less than $20.

So, Pittsburgh, go spend a Saturday afternoon shopping in Lawrenceville and make sure to stop by. Their phone number is (412) 781-2157 and they are open Tuesday through Sunday 7am to 7pm. Tell them Mike the blogger guy sent you.





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