this new local music series debuts in downtown this weekend (updated for the next show on june 27th)

The next music SPACE event is this Friday June 27th at 812 Liberty Ave in the heart of the Cultural District

Morgan Erina will be performing along with Silencio, a tribute to David lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. The show starts at 8:30pm and will be alongside the amazing Psychic Panic art installation. Cover is $5.

If you are a fan of the haunting atmospheres and moods of David Lynch, make sure to see the show!


Downtown Pittsburgh has become the cultural core of the city.

Jess and I are constantly thrilled with the different events we find popping up all around downtown or within a short distance away. Each weekend is packed with things to do – everything from family friendly events to something only for those over 21.

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has decided to try something new that can appeal to everyone. Music SPACE, a live local music series is debuting this weekend at SPACE Gallery at 812 Liberty Avenue in downtown with the shows continuing the final Friday of every month. SPACE has been discussed in The New York Times and has been called a best gallery for local artists by the Pittsburgh City Paper.

These all-ages music shows will be coupled with the art installation exhibiting in the gallery at the time and will each have a different local music flavor.

This weekend, local piano driven rock band Wreckloose and electronic artist Troxum will be performing. Tickets are $5 and the show starts at 8:30pm. They will be performing alongside the current art installation scheduled to run through June 29th: Psychic Panic It showcases more than 25 various media artworks by 9 artists and is meant to explore subjects specifically through the media used.

I was able to ask Amy Staggs,  the co-curator of music SPACE, a few questions about the series:

Do you choose the bands and musicians to specifically pair with the exhibit at Space?

Not to fit the exhibition, but we definitely considered the “live sound” of each act and how it would fare acoustically in SPACE.  A fun fact is that the acts do not necessarily match up by genre; so eclectic, terrific talent is a theme, which we believe pairs perfectly with Psychic Panic.

If this is successful, do you think you’ll do more?

Absolutely.  SPACE curator, Murray Horne, is enthusiastic about programming interesting performance-based events at SPACE.  We believe this is a great fit! Look for more dates for Summer/Fall/Winter 2014.  I believe that this could develop into a destination series and a way for downtown residents to discover emerging local music on their doorstep.

I’m a big advocate for living downtown. Do you think this will help expose the cultural district to non-Pittsburghers? If you could pitch downtown and it’s scene to people that have moved here from another city, what one sentence would you use?

Downtown Pittsburgh is a thriving community in the heart of a beautiful city, with premier restaurants, galleries, and theaters, not to mention beautiful architecture and green spaces.

How would you describe the overall philosophy behind Space and Wood Street galleries?

To bring the most ‘interesting’ art at local, national, and international levels to Pittsburgh.

How do you think the downtown scene has grown over the last few years?

It has exploded, and it is so wonderful for the city! How has Space’s audience and exposure grown?Our audience has grown to more than 20,000 patrons per year and has been voted “best local art gallery” by readers of Pittsburgh City Paper. SPACE has been central to the development of galleries in the district in its support of local artists and street presence.

You should go, Pittsburgh!

SPACE normal hours are:

Wed and Thurs: 11-6

Frid and Sat 11-10

Sun 11-6

Ph: 412-325-7723



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