Wigle Whiskey: a New Pittsburgh Tradition

A Decidedly Pittsburgh Event

Pittsburgh takes pride in its history and the strong traditions that come from it. Whether it’s sports, work ethic or city pride…Pittsburghers know their history and work to build a strong future.

One thing that isn’t well known is that American whiskey was born here. Throughout the 1700 and 1800s, Pittsburgh was the epicenter of whiskey production in America. The Whiskey Rebellion – an important part of the history of the second amendment and where local distillery Wigle gets their name– originated in the area.

As the only whiskey distillery currently in the city, Wigle exemplifies the strength and pride that has characterized Pittsburgh. They are showcasing their city by running the 92 Neighborhoods Series at their Strip District distillery. Each monthly event is designed to celebrate what makes each neighborhood unique by having local small businesses on hand and having “local celebrities” speak.

I was lucky enough to be at the last event, which celebrated Uptown- an often forgotten area of the city. Technically, uptown consists of the 5th and Forbes corridor between downtown and Oakland. When the Civic Arena went up, the area became neglected. Residents are trying to drive a revival and are doing very well. More apartment buildings are going in and public art has been posted thanks to artist James Simon http://www.simonsculpture.com and the uptown partners http://www.uptownpartners.org

We were able to meet local councilman Dan Lavelle, James Simon and many uptown residents. The event was a blast!

Councilman Dan Lavelle at Wigel Whiskey

This is me talking with Councilman R Daniel Lavelle.

James Simon at Wigle Whiskey

This is Jess posing with artist James Simon.

new friends at Wigle Whiskey

These are some new friends Jess and I made at the last event.

The next one is scheduled to celebrate Central Lawrenceville on June 13th from 7-9 PM at their Smallman Street distillery. Make sure to be there! You can learn more at their website.


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