Jess’ review of seeing Annie the Musical at the Benedum in Pittsburgh

Annie the Musical @ the Benedum

By Jess Fink

At the Benedum...

At the Benedum…

My spouse got two tickets for Annie @ the Benedum. Since he couldn’t go – I got to go & take a great friend with me to checkout & enjoy the show.

When we got there – the Benedum was packed full of people. We hussled to get some beverages & were delighted to find that you can now get an adult sippy cup & take into the theater itself which was AWESOME. We were also delighted to see some nice variety in vendors at the show for some light noms before or during or after the show. None of these items were over priced which was super nice. My friend was disappointed by the vendors for the show Annie itself as a lot of those items were a bit over priced which was unfortunate.

When we went to take our sits, I fully expected to be off to the side in the upper back area where we’d be far out of the way but our seats were perfect! We were in the dead center & fairly close to the stage & were at the end of the aisle, which is a preference for me personally so it was nice to have that.

The child actors were amazing & extremely talented. Each did a spectacular job & played their roles wonderfully. We both felt the show was done to perfection. The costumes, the backdrops for each scene, etc were done with a lot of care & were dead-on.

We will definitely go next year if the show is back.



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