this iconic downtown Pittsburgh building is changing…


I’ve been a little behind on posting here as a bunch of stuff has been happening personally…

Jess and I looked into buying this downtown building while they were finalizing upgrading the facade:

old Army Navy store building Pittsburgh

But we just couldn’t make it happen. The inside has SUCH potential and the owners wanted to keep the floors intact. Imagine a 3,000 square foot apartment at market cost. This was our favorite feature…

skylight in building in downtown pittsburgh

A HUGE skylight that dated back to World War 2. This feature could make the top floor gorgeous! Imagine a hanging garden underneath…

You’d also have the old Pittsburgh pressed tin ceiling.

…and this early 1900s elevator. It’s unusable now, but I wanted to keep the car in our apartment if we were successful.

old 1900s elevator pittsburgh

Getting to the point where we can buy a downtown building is one on our goals for the near future. I’d love to do something like that either right before or after we have a baby.


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